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Tuner Evolution: East Coast Takeover, NC

Cabarrus Arena and Events Center

4751 NC Hwy 49 North Concord, NC 28025

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Event Description

With the success of our 2014 East Coast Takeover Philly event, we've decided to host another event further south! We are excited to take the Tuner Evolution experience to a new location, and we can't wait to see what amazing vehicles the south has to offer! This event will feature many of the same great events as our East Coast Takeover show, including the bikini contest, RC Drifting, models and of course some of the hottest cars on the East Coast!

For those that aren't familiar with the Tuner Evolution Experience: The best way to describe it is a full automotive lifestyle event that showcases many aspects of the aftermarket automotive industry.  Including some of the hottest customized vehicles in the country, vendors showing off their latest and greatest products, entertainments acts including bands, hip hop artists, skating and BMX demos, graffiti artists, eating contests, bikini contest, celebrity appearances, models, and so much more that we can't even list it all!

We've been doing this for almost ten years now, and that has allowed us to fine tune the event to provide an awesome experience for anyone, including those who may not even be all that familiar with our industry. We pride ourselves on holding an event that is fun, entertaining, and rewarding for everyone from our vendors/sponsors to our car competitors to our spectators.

But the main attraction at Tuner Evolution is the vehicles.  Over the years the event has become super competitive, attracting many of the country's top builders, all competing for the elusive Best of Show award!  This has allowed us to become more selective of the vehicles we showcase at the event, which in tern provides our spectators with a much better experience.  It allows our audience to see more of the elite cars and amazing custom builds that you can't see out on the streets or at meets. Providing that unique experience is something that we are very proud of, and will continue to provide well into the future!
November 1st, 2014
12:00 pm –  7:00 pm